Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amateur Party LP Shipping Now/First Capsule Song Posted!

A Couple of killer things in this news letters including the release of our newest LP Amateur Party's Truncheons in the Manors, the debut of the first song off of Capsule's No Ghost LP, Updates on the Two Funerals and Worn in Red/Mouthbreather records, $3 CDS on the Rorschach Bandcamp, and a whole slew of new items in the distro

Amateur Party-Truncheons in the Manor is shipping now!

We are stoked to say that Amateur Party's new LP Truncheons in the Manor is shipping out now! You can order the record from the Rorschach Store and stream the whole record on or our Bandcamp. Here is a blurb about the LP:

Truncheons in the Manor is the first Lp by Philadelphia's Amateur Party in 3 years and their first full length ever. The band recorded 10 tracks with drummer Steve Roche between 2009-2010 to make this opus of an album. The band has an all-star line up of Philadelphia musicians that have played in Armalite, Off Minor, Kill the Man Who Questions and more but really stands on its own without a resume. Amateur Party Similar to their style reminiscent of Reggae Punk/Post Punk on their previous releases the band develops their sound even further to maker their best and most cohesive recording to date. Fans of The Jam, Minutemen, Ted Leo, and Late 80's Dischord bands take note, this record fits in perfectly with those of an older punk rock sound.

The final pressing numbers ended up being a little different than planed with 475 copies total, 108 on Clear and 367 on Black. This record is available in all Richmond record stores for under $10. Other stores/distros can order this directly from No Idea, ILC, or us directly!

Capsule stream first track off of No Ghost on Brooklyn Vegan

The first track entitled "Neuralize So Numb" from No Ghost is available from Brooklyn Vegan. You can also check it out on the bands myspace and facebook. Keep checking back for details on this record as it gets closer to its April release. If you haven't checked out their first LP Blue, Robotic Empire just repressed it. The band will be hitting the East Coast this spring here are the dates check it out.

Capsule LIVE at THE FEST 7 (Market Street Pub), Gainesville

Mar 15- Orlando, FL @ Wills Pub

Mar 16- Gainsville, FL @ Wayward Council

Mar 17- Athens, GA

Mar 18- Louisvile, KY

Mar 19- Indianapolis, IN @ The Dojo

Mar 20- Chicago, IL @ Kostner House

Mar 21- Grand Rapids, MI @ DAAC

Mar 22- Cleveland,OH @ Now That's Class

Mar 23- Pittsburgh, PA

Mar 24- Bethlehem, PA @ St. Bernards

Mar 25 - NY,NY @ The Acheron

Mar 26- Boston, MA

Mar 27 - NY,NY

Mar 28- Philadelphia, PA @ The Brothel

Mar 29 Baltimore, MD

Mar 30 Washington, DC @ Hole in the Sky

Mar 31 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter

April 1 Greensboro, NC @ Legitimate Business

April 2 Harrisonburg, VA @ Macrock

April 3 Chapel hill, NC @ Nightlight

April 4 Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern

Rorschach CDs $3 on our Bandcamp site

All Rorschach CDs have been deeply discounted on our Bandcamp site. Each CD is $3! If you would like different cds please contact us directly to save on shipping!

The Two Funerals Boy's Club and Mouthbreather/Worn in Red Updates

The Two Funerals new EP "Boy's Club" has just been mastered, and it sounds awesome! To check out an unmastered track, head to their bandcamp at to hear a new song, also called "Boy's Club". Lauren Measure will be doing the art for the EP, so get stoked for that as well!

The Mouthbreather/Worn in Red Split has been mastered and is just waiting on art, both bands have put a song up on our bandcamp. Expect these releases to come out together

New Distro Items

We got a couple of killer distro items in over the past couple of months including Algernon Cadawallader's complete discography, all the newest Lemuria records, all of the 7"s Sound Study has put out, plus tons of killer stuff.

Against Me! - Reinventing Axel Rose Cd

Algernon Cadawallader - Demo 7"

Algernon Cadawallader - Fun Gold Vinyl 7"/Cd

Algernon Cadawallader - Some Kind of Cadawallader LP

Averkiou - Wasted and High Blue Vinyl 7"

Battlemaster/Inter Arma - Split 7"

Bridge and Tunnel - Indoor Voices Grey Vinyl 10"

Circle Takes the Square - As the Roots Undo CD

City of Ship - Three Mile Bridge Red Vinyl 7"

Chris Wollard and the Ship Theives - Anybody Else/ Left to Lose White Vinyl 7"

Daughters - Canada Songs CD

Dead to Me - Little Brother LP

Dillinger Four - Civil War LP

Eat and Run - American Slob 7"

Future Virgins/Onion Flavored Rings - Split 7"

Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy Grey Marble Vinyl LP

Goverment Warning - No Way Out 7"

Grabass Charlestons - Razorcake Sister Series 7"

Hold Tight - S/T 7"

Hot Water Music/Bouncing Souls - Split 7"

Lemuria - Chataqua County Gold Vinyl 7"

Lemuria/Ergs - Split 7"

Lemuria - Ozzy Yellow Vinyl 7"

Lemuria - Pebble Clear Vinyl LP

Liquid Limbs - Dichomtomy Clear Vinyl 7"

Off With Their Heads - From the Botoom Grey Vinyl LP

Old Growth/12XU - Split 7"

Rapid Cities/Mock - Split Blue Vinyl 7"

Screaming Females - Power Move LP

Smoke or Fire - Prehistoric Knife Fight 7"

Sundials - The First 3 Songs 7"

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - Dance Party With Purple Blue Vinyl 10"

Thou/Haarp - Split Orange Vinyl 7"

Tubers - Anachronous LP

Young Livers/Army of Ponch - Split Grey Vinyl 7"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Awesome news in this update, the new Amateur Party record will be out this January,Details on Capsules new full length, and info about the Two Funerals and Worn In Red/Mouthbreather records. Also don't forget this weekend is the last to purchase records through our holiday sale. 2 x LPs $20 ppd! We also have been working diligently on the Rorschach Bandcamp. This will probably be the best place to check out new releases in their entirely!

Amateur Party Truncheons in the Manor Pre-Order

Truncheons in the Manor is the first Lp by Philadelphia's Amateur Party in 3 years and their first full length ever. The band recorded 10 tracks with drummer Steve Roche between 2009-2010 to make this opus of an album. The band has an all-star line up of Philadelphia musicians that have played in Armalite, Off Minor, Kill the Man Who Questions and more but really stands on its own without a resume. Amateur Party Similar to their style reminiscent of Reggae Punk/Post Punk on their previous releases the band develops their sound even further to maker their best and most cohesive recording to date. Fans of The Jam, Minutemen, Ted Leo, and Kill Rock Stars bands take note, this record fits in perfectly with those of an older punk rock sound.

The Pressing info on this is

100 on Clear Vinyl

400 on Black Vinyl

You can pre-order it here. All pre-orders will get a download of the album in advance.

Capsule No Ghost LP/CD to be released this Spring

We are so stoked to announce that we will be releasing the second full length from Miami's Capsule titled No Ghost this spring. The band recorded 10 new tracks with guitarist Ryan Haft at Miami's Dungeon during the fall of 2010. The record will be released in Europe by Moment of Collapse records and will come as CD/LP combo. The band last released a self-titled collection of rarities and unreleased material on Robotic Empire and a split 7" with bros Furnace on Moment of Collapse

The record is finished but needs to be mastered, look for more news on this in 2011. Capsules last LP Blue was one of my favorite heavy records of 2008, if you haven't had a chance to check it out you can pick it up at Robotic Empire

The Two Funerals - Boy's Club EP

The Two Funerals have just finished recording their one-sided LP "Boys Club" with Lance Kohler (Government Warning, Pink Razors, Brainworms). These three new songs are currently being mastered by Carl Saff. Look for this to be released Spring 2011. The band will be playing next with Lemuria in Richmond on January 13.

Worn In Red/Mouthbreather - Split 7"

This record is almost ready to go just waiting on the art. You can preview songs on the Rorschach bandcamp site. Over seas folks Worn in Red are coming to Europe in 2011 go check em out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In this update we have the new Ultra Dolphins record, the last Brainworms shirts, our new release schedule and more!

We have been holding off on officially announcing the arrival of Ultra Dolphins Alien Baby but now today we are stoked to say it is out! If you want to skip all the gibber jabber you can go straight to our online store, you can also order the record off Itunes, and the cd is available from Exotic Fever. If you are a retailer Ebullition, No Idea, ILC and many more distributors to come all have the record or will be receiving it very soon. You can also order the record straight through us. If you have ordered this record and it hasn't come in please check to see the status of it everything has gone out from us.

Ultra Dolphins
Alien Baby

Pressing Info
400 Black
200 Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Years in the making Ultra Dolphins Alien Baby is finally seeing the light of the day. Recorded throughout 2009 by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage, Alien Baby is 9 sweet new Ultra Dolphins tracks. If you are unfamiliar with Ultra Dolphins, they have been playing around Virginia for almost a decade now, playing a unique style of tunes that could be pin pointed as post hardcore, but stands alone as its own entity. Art was done by the bands long term friend Travis Robertson, and all print was done locally in Richmond. The band last released Mar on Robotic Empire in 2006 and this is their first new material since.

Also we are going to keep the order package of Field Day/Ultra Dolphins!
You can check out songs from Alien Baby here

Brainworms T-Shirts

If you have ever wanted a Brainworms shirt now is the time to get one, the band gave us all the left over shirts they had in whatever designs were around. Check out here for all sizes and shirt designs, please read carefully because some shirts are different colors than the shit picture. Brainworms will be playing their last show August 21st, at Hadads Lake for Best Friends Day.

The Two Funerals to release Boy's Club 7"

We are stoked to announce that we will be releasing Richmond's The Two Funeral's new 7", called "boys' club". Dominique Montgomery and Shannon Le Corre, longtime members, will be joined by Kyler O'Brien(Field Day,Flechette) on bass. The band will be recording soon for the record and it will be out late fall/early winter.

The band started in Blacksburg in 2004, with original members Shannon, Dom and Abby, while in high school. Since their inception, the band has written tight, catchy punk songs that are unafraid to be feminist, political and personal. Their last 7", Tell Yr Story, was released in 2008 on Cottage Records, and will be contributing a track to the Women in Punk Rock Comp on Paper+Plastick later this year.

Check them out here

New Release Update

Worn in Red/Mouthbreather-Split 7"
Worn in Red just recorded in Johnson City, TN, and Mouthbreather is in the process of recording at Planet Red as we write this. Look for MP3s soon and OktoberFEST release. If you don't know these awesome Virginia bands Mouthbreather just dropped a 10" on Adagio and a 7" with EYC with us! Worn in Red just released one of the most bad ass record on No Idea as of late last fall!

Worn in Red

Amateur Party-New LP
We have the recording in our hands and it rules! Hopefully this guys will be out by OktoberFEST! Amateur Party features non amateurs playing pop punk with a chiller edge? The band features folks from Armalite, Off Minor, Kill the Man that Questions, and more. They last released a 7" on Paramensia that was easily one of my favorite records of last year. These dudes will be making an appearance at Best Friends Day here at homebase at the Sunday show.

Check them out here

Ultra Dolphins-Old Bits

Old Ultra Dolphins recording reissued! This jammer will go into production sometime in the fall

Best Friends Day
Other than being a funeral for us this year, Best Friends Day is looking to be killer Propagandi, Negative Approach, Municipal Waste, Banner Pilot, Algernon Cadawallder, Government Warning and many more will be playing. Check it out here

There have been some items in the distro but not a big of enough to list to update, browse through though we will be adding lots of items for the rest of the summer.

Friend us on facebook!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ultra Dolphins Alien Baby Pre-Order Up

Ultra Dolphins' Alien Baby is finally available for Pre-Order!. Since this is Ror-13 there were a bunch of delays with masters getting lost in the mail, test being sent to the wrong address, and anything else that could possibly go wrong with a record. But Finally it is here and for your purchasing pleasure in the Rorschach Online Store [] » . If you are looking for the CD, Exotic Fever will be handling that. All Pre-orders should be shipping at the end or April or early May.

The record comes out two color options 200 on Glow in the Dark Vinyl, and 400 on Black. It was recorded at Permanent Hearing Damage with Steve Roche, and Mastered by Carl Saff. Artwork duties were once again passed on to long time collaborator Travis Robertson(Mar, Why are You Laugh).

Alien Baby is 9 songs that the band has been performing in the past 3 years since Mar came out. You can preview two of the songs the Transgressor and Ground Nest on our facebook page [] »

The record release show will be happening on April 9th at Richmond's Gallery5 and the band will have a test press version of the record limited to 35 available that evening. The Test Press has and alternate cover designed by guitarist Nate Rappole. We only have one copy of this gem, and for the next person to spend $60 in the Rorschach Store we will throw it in for free. These are ready to go so if you can't wait for the proper release of the record, this will ship in the next couple of days.

The record release show is part of Gallery5's 5 year anniversary and the gallery will have Magic Hat on Tap and Whiskey! The Gallery will also be selling memberships, with each membership you will receive a free Rorschach Cd or your choice. There are other great benefits of becoming a member that can be found at [] »

Field Day's Christian Television was suppose to come out at the same time as this record, but made it out a little faster. The band has been killing it live and around the east coast, and since we want people to check this band out, there is a package deal where you get Alien Baby on Glow in the Dark and Christian Television on Green for only $2 more than Alien Baby. If you haven't had a chance to see Field Day yet they are playing Harrisonburg's Macrock on Saturday April 3rd with Algernon Cadwallader, Snacktruck and Antlers and will also be make an appearance at Chaos Fest in Norfolk with Ted Leo and Maps and Atlases.

Upcoming Release Schedule

Stoked to say these are the releases that will be rounding out 2010

Ultra Dolphins-Old Bits-Out of print Ultra Dolphins recordings that will be collected on one 7"s including the tape that Perpetual Motion Machine released, and their side from the Order split.

Worn in Red/Mouthbreather-Split 7"-Two awesome Virginia bands on one badass vinyl EP. Mouthbreather recently released the European only Lila Ep and Worn in Red just dropped their debut LP In the Offing on No Idea last year.

Amateur Party-Yet to Be Titled LP-Amateur Party, put out one of my favorite records last year and when the opportunity arose to put this out I had to go for it. Amateur Party are a Philadelphia based band that features members of Armalite, Off Minor, and Kill the Man That Questions. This record will also be co-released with our buddies at Paramnesia records.

Best Friends Day the Ocho Vinyl Comp-I wanted to keep the BFD Comp alive but it becomes such a clusterfuck trying to get it ready before the weekend, so why not do one the year after. Bands are being kept underwraps now, but I can say that there will be a brass band covering Agent Orange! Look for this at BFD9

We will be at Macrock, selling all of our releases we got some 1st press Brainworms Which is Worse LPs in and a couple of out of print things for the table.

Plus these fine things are all available in the webstore

Against Me - Reinventing Axel Rose Green Vinyl LP
Algernon Cadwallader - Fun 7" +Cd White Vinyl
Algernon Cadwallader - Some Kind of Cadawallder Cd
American Cheeseburger/Religious as Fuck - Split LP Grey Vinyl
Apeshit - Cavalier Activity Blue Vinyl 7"
The Arrivals - Razorcake Sister Series 7"
Asshole Parade - Embers LP Yellow Vinyl
Asshole Parade - Welcome Fucking Home 7" Blue Vinyl
Attitude Problem - S/T LP
Brainkiller - Demo 7"
Brainworms - S/T Tape
Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves - S/T LP Blue Vinyl
Civilization - S/T LP
Defiance, Ohio - The Great Depression Cd
Dry County - S/T 7"
Environmental Youth Crunch - Let's Ride LP
Environmental Youth Crunch - Vicious Fishes Tape
Ergs - That's it By LP
Ergs - Upstairs/Downstairs CD
The Fordist - Economic Stimulus 7" Purple Vinyl
The Fordist - Gerald Ford 7"
Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy Cd
Government Warning - Arrested 7"
Hot Lava/The Sad Cobras - Split 7"
Kowloon Walled City - Gambling The Richter Scale LP Clear Vinyl
The Ladies - Hole Sailor 7"
Landlord - Lifers Tape
Lemuria - Ozzy Tan Vinyl 7"
Logic Problem - No Center 7"
Liza Kate - Don't Let the Dogs CD
Majority Rule - Interviews With David Frost LP Blue Vinyl
Mass Movement of the Moth/The Catalyst - Split LP Grey Vinyl
Mouthbreather - Thank You For Your Patience LP Clear Vinyl
Pygmy Lush - Bitter River LP
Pygmy Lush - Mount Hope CD
Rapid Cities - Machinery Saints CD
SEAS - Now My Life is a Beech Tree LP
Todd Congelliere/Jacob Hamilton - Split Tape
Torche - In Return Pulp Colored Vinyl 10"
Ultra Dolphins - Why Are You Laugh Cd
Underground Railroad to Candyland - Bird Roughs Cassette
Verse En Coma - Rialto 10" + CD
Wasted Time - And So It Goes LP

Friday, January 29, 2010

Richmond BMX Rider Niel Hise rides to Snacktruck

Our good friends over at FBM put together this video and used "Presence Charm" from Snacktruck's Spacial Findings.

Check it out here

Friday, October 23, 2009

Snacktruck Spacial Findings Cd Pre-Order/New Ultra Dolphins Song

Snacktruck Spacial Findings 1-7 Now Available for Pre-Order

After years of being lost in space, Snacktruck's Spacial Findings 1-7 CD is finally being released.The cd consist of the 4 songs from the Spacial Findings 1-4 7" plus 3 previously unreleased tracks from the same recording session plus a bad ass remix of most of the tracks combined. We went all out on this CD putting it in a gatefold jacket that has been offset printed on environmentally friendly paper. From now until Nov. 3 the CD will be on sale for $9ppd in the Rorschach Store.

The CD will be out officially Nov. 3rd but you can pick it up from the band personally at the following dates

10/26 Richmond, VA Gallery5 Cd Release! w/Failures Union, Cheap Girls
10-30 Charlotte, NC@ the Milstone w/Snacktruck
10-31 Gainesville, Fl 1982 @ The Fest w/Brainworms, Mouthbreather
11-02 Athens, Ga @ Little Kings Shuffle Club w/Brainworms, American Cheeseburger

Snacktruck consist of members of Ultra Dolphins, Brainworms, and VCR. The band mixes elements of math rock, prog rock, and all things virtually mind melting. The four-piece consists of two drummers, a bassist and a guitarist, and has gained comparisons to the technical wizardry of Don Caballero, Battles, Russian Circles, and Trans Am. You can preview Tracks from the cd here and here

Going to the Fest? So are we! Be sure to drop by the Rorschach table on Friday afternoon to check out our distro/label. The distro has been stocked up on releases by Robotic Empire, Perpetual Motion Machine, No Way, Grave Mistake, Forcefield and many other Richmond related labels and bands plus tons of other stuff! Also all Rorschach Stuff will be on sale like this

3 x 7" for $10
2 X CD For $10
2 x 12 for $18
T-Shirts $5!

We will also have some rare colored/test press/oop stuff.

New Ultra Dolphins Track Posted

We are happy to announce that Ultra Dolphins have finished their 2nd full length entitled Alien Baby, you can check out an mp3 of the second track of the record entitled Ground Nest at our myspace. Exotic Fever will be handling Cd duties and we will be taking care of the LP. The record was recorded with Steve Roche through out the spring/summer of 2009 and mastered by Carl Saff. You can expect Alien Baby to be out early 2010!

Field Day-Christian Television 7"

Also coming soon is the debut record from a new Richmond band called Field Day. Field Day are one of the best bands in Richmond at the moment, they consist of man of the town Robert Eugene "Stubbs" Stubbs and a member of Resonance. Fitting perfectly right along bands like Brainworms and Antlers, Field Day are a great addition to the Rorschach Discography. There will be F/Test Press limited to 30 copies floating around the Fest, they are playing Sunday at the Kickstand with our buddies in Tubers, so be sure to swoop up one of these records from them. Also they are playing on Nov. 8th with Algernon Cadawaller in Richmond and should have some record there too. Expect the regular pressing to be available in December. You can preview the first song off the 7" entitled the Fast here.

Brainworms are playing a bunch of shows locally coming up and doing a short tour with Snacktruck. The First pressing of II : Swear to Me is almost out if you have not had a chance to pick up this record do it now! If you live in Richmond be sure to catch them at one of the following:

Sat Oct 24th: Richmond Va @ Sean's Place w. Bridge and Tunnel, Mouthbreather
Fri October 30th: Charlotte, NC @ the Milestone w. Snack Truck
Sat Oct 31st: Gainesville, FL @ the 1982 w. Snack Truck
Mon Nov 2nd: Athens, GA @ Little Kings Shuffle Club w. Snack Truck, American Cheese Burger
Wed Nov 4th; Richmond VA @ Club Mojos w. Old Growth, 12XU
Wed Nov 25th Richmond, Va @ Sean's Place w. Fun, Flechette
Fri Dec 4th: Richmond, VA @ Plaza Bowl w. American Cheeseburger

Slowly but surely we are getting the whole Rorschach Discography on Itunes at the moment you can get:

Brainworms/Dynamite Arrows -Split
Brainworms/The Catalyst - Split
Mouthbreather/Environmental Youth Crunch - Split
Brainworms - II: Swear to Me
Antlers - S/T
Snacktruck - Spacial Findings

Lastly we have the hugest Distro update ever
New Additions and Restock Boo-Ya!

Against Me - The Disco Before the Breakdown 7" Purple Grey Vinyl
Algernon Cadawaller - Some Kind of Cadawaller Cd
Ancient Sky - S/T LP Clear w/ Pink Haze Vinyl
Apeshit - Cavalier Activity 7" Blue Vinyl
Bad Secrets - S/T 9" + CD Pie Chart Vinyl
Asshole Parade - Say Goodbye 7" Red Vinyl
Banner Pilot/Monikers - Split 7" Orange Marble Swirl Vinyl
Bridge and Tunnel/Young Livers - Split 7" Salmon Vinyl
Bridge and Tunnel/Young Livers - Split 7" Blue/Purple vinyl
The Catalyst/Mass Movement of the Moth - Split LP Grey vinyl
The Catalyst - Swallow Your Teeth Purple Vinyl LP
The Catalyst - Swallow Youth Teeth Black Vinyl LP
The Catalyst - Swallow Your Teeth Cd
Cloak/Dagger - Pinata 7" Clear Vinyl
Cloak/Dagger - We Are LP
Closet Fairies/Party Garbage - Split 7" Green Vinyl
Dead Friends - S/T LP
Dead to Me - Little Brother Cd
Deep Sleep - Paranoid Mess 7"
Des Ark - Loose Lips, Sink Ships LP
Direct Control - S/T 7"
Erin Tobey - S/T LP Lavender Vinyl
Ergs/Grabass Charlestons - Split 7" Brown Vinyl
Ergs - Upstairs/Downstairs CD
Food - S/T LP
Government Warning - Executed 7"
Government Warning - Paranoid Mess LP
Holy Mountain/Cave Canem - Split 7"
The Ladies - S/T 7"
The Ladies - Hole Sailor 7"
Lemuria - The First Collection LP Green Vinyl
Lemuria - The First Collection LP Black Vinyl
Lemuria - The First Collection CD
Lemuria - Get Better Cd
Lemuria - Get Better LP Purple Vinyl
Litany for the Whale - Dolores LP
Measure [SA] - One Chapter in the Book LP Clear Vinyl
Measure [SA] - One Chapter in the Book LP Orange Vinyl
Mehkago NT /Religious As Fuck - Split 7" Grey Vinyl
Mehkago NT- S/T LP
Monikers /Delay - Split 7" Blackish Vinyl
Monikers - Wake Up LP Clear Vinyl
Monikers - Wake Up LP Mudd Vinyl
Mouthbreather - S/T 7" Purple vinyl
New Bruises/Stolen Bikes Ride Faster - Split 7" Purple vinyl
North Lincoln - Truth is Menace LP Purplesickle Vinyl
Old Growth - Under The Sun LP
Off With Their Heads - Live At The Atlantic 7" Green Vinyl
Off With Their Head/Dear Landlord - Split 7" Pale Purple Vinyl
Off With Their Heads/Four Letter World - Split 7" Pale Green Vinyl
Pinhead Gunpowder - 7" White Vinyl
Pizza/Tideland - Split 7"
Pizza - Midnight Creature Party LP
Psyched to Die - Sterile Walls 7"
Ringers - Curses LP
Sparrows Swarm and Sing - Untitled II CD
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - Black Panther Party 7"
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - Dance Party with 10" Purple Blue Vinyl
This is My Fist/Fifth Hour Hero - Split 7" Blue Vinyl
Used Kids - Hoover craft 7"
Various Artist - Incestival Orlando's Worst 4-Way Split 7" Fleshie Tan Vinyl
Various Artist - No Bullshit Vol 4 7"
Virgins - Miscarriage LP Vomit Vinyl
Wasted Time - Futility LP

Monday, September 14, 2009

Field Day Post New Song Off Upcoming 7"

Field Day have wrapped up recording and mastering on their new 7" entitled Christian Television, expect this out in Nov/Dec. Field Day is one of the best new bands to come out of Richmond, if you have been a fan of any of the bands we have put out in the past couple of years you will not be disappointed by Field Day. These guys feature ex-Resonance vocalist Jimmy Hill on the drums and Richmond Man of the Town/Legend Robert-Eugene "Stubbs" Stubbs. The band recently went up to Permanent Hearing Damage to record with Steve Roche (Brainworms, Ultra Dolphins, Pink Razors) and the record was mastered by Carl Saff. The first song off the 7" has been posted on our myspace, it is entitled "The Fast". Expect a Ftest Press version for their show on Oct 24 at Gallery 5 with Des Ark, Pygmy Lush, and Ghastly City Sleep and they will have them at the Fest.

Field Day - myspace

Rorschach Stuff