Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ultra Dolphins Alien Baby Pre-Order Up

Ultra Dolphins' Alien Baby is finally available for Pre-Order!. Since this is Ror-13 there were a bunch of delays with masters getting lost in the mail, test being sent to the wrong address, and anything else that could possibly go wrong with a record. But Finally it is here and for your purchasing pleasure in the Rorschach Online Store [] » . If you are looking for the CD, Exotic Fever will be handling that. All Pre-orders should be shipping at the end or April or early May.

The record comes out two color options 200 on Glow in the Dark Vinyl, and 400 on Black. It was recorded at Permanent Hearing Damage with Steve Roche, and Mastered by Carl Saff. Artwork duties were once again passed on to long time collaborator Travis Robertson(Mar, Why are You Laugh).

Alien Baby is 9 songs that the band has been performing in the past 3 years since Mar came out. You can preview two of the songs the Transgressor and Ground Nest on our facebook page [] »

The record release show will be happening on April 9th at Richmond's Gallery5 and the band will have a test press version of the record limited to 35 available that evening. The Test Press has and alternate cover designed by guitarist Nate Rappole. We only have one copy of this gem, and for the next person to spend $60 in the Rorschach Store we will throw it in for free. These are ready to go so if you can't wait for the proper release of the record, this will ship in the next couple of days.

The record release show is part of Gallery5's 5 year anniversary and the gallery will have Magic Hat on Tap and Whiskey! The Gallery will also be selling memberships, with each membership you will receive a free Rorschach Cd or your choice. There are other great benefits of becoming a member that can be found at [] »

Field Day's Christian Television was suppose to come out at the same time as this record, but made it out a little faster. The band has been killing it live and around the east coast, and since we want people to check this band out, there is a package deal where you get Alien Baby on Glow in the Dark and Christian Television on Green for only $2 more than Alien Baby. If you haven't had a chance to see Field Day yet they are playing Harrisonburg's Macrock on Saturday April 3rd with Algernon Cadwallader, Snacktruck and Antlers and will also be make an appearance at Chaos Fest in Norfolk with Ted Leo and Maps and Atlases.

Upcoming Release Schedule

Stoked to say these are the releases that will be rounding out 2010

Ultra Dolphins-Old Bits-Out of print Ultra Dolphins recordings that will be collected on one 7"s including the tape that Perpetual Motion Machine released, and their side from the Order split.

Worn in Red/Mouthbreather-Split 7"-Two awesome Virginia bands on one badass vinyl EP. Mouthbreather recently released the European only Lila Ep and Worn in Red just dropped their debut LP In the Offing on No Idea last year.

Amateur Party-Yet to Be Titled LP-Amateur Party, put out one of my favorite records last year and when the opportunity arose to put this out I had to go for it. Amateur Party are a Philadelphia based band that features members of Armalite, Off Minor, and Kill the Man That Questions. This record will also be co-released with our buddies at Paramnesia records.

Best Friends Day the Ocho Vinyl Comp-I wanted to keep the BFD Comp alive but it becomes such a clusterfuck trying to get it ready before the weekend, so why not do one the year after. Bands are being kept underwraps now, but I can say that there will be a brass band covering Agent Orange! Look for this at BFD9

We will be at Macrock, selling all of our releases we got some 1st press Brainworms Which is Worse LPs in and a couple of out of print things for the table.

Plus these fine things are all available in the webstore

Against Me - Reinventing Axel Rose Green Vinyl LP
Algernon Cadwallader - Fun 7" +Cd White Vinyl
Algernon Cadwallader - Some Kind of Cadawallder Cd
American Cheeseburger/Religious as Fuck - Split LP Grey Vinyl
Apeshit - Cavalier Activity Blue Vinyl 7"
The Arrivals - Razorcake Sister Series 7"
Asshole Parade - Embers LP Yellow Vinyl
Asshole Parade - Welcome Fucking Home 7" Blue Vinyl
Attitude Problem - S/T LP
Brainkiller - Demo 7"
Brainworms - S/T Tape
Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves - S/T LP Blue Vinyl
Civilization - S/T LP
Defiance, Ohio - The Great Depression Cd
Dry County - S/T 7"
Environmental Youth Crunch - Let's Ride LP
Environmental Youth Crunch - Vicious Fishes Tape
Ergs - That's it By LP
Ergs - Upstairs/Downstairs CD
The Fordist - Economic Stimulus 7" Purple Vinyl
The Fordist - Gerald Ford 7"
Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy Cd
Government Warning - Arrested 7"
Hot Lava/The Sad Cobras - Split 7"
Kowloon Walled City - Gambling The Richter Scale LP Clear Vinyl
The Ladies - Hole Sailor 7"
Landlord - Lifers Tape
Lemuria - Ozzy Tan Vinyl 7"
Logic Problem - No Center 7"
Liza Kate - Don't Let the Dogs CD
Majority Rule - Interviews With David Frost LP Blue Vinyl
Mass Movement of the Moth/The Catalyst - Split LP Grey Vinyl
Mouthbreather - Thank You For Your Patience LP Clear Vinyl
Pygmy Lush - Bitter River LP
Pygmy Lush - Mount Hope CD
Rapid Cities - Machinery Saints CD
SEAS - Now My Life is a Beech Tree LP
Todd Congelliere/Jacob Hamilton - Split Tape
Torche - In Return Pulp Colored Vinyl 10"
Ultra Dolphins - Why Are You Laugh Cd
Underground Railroad to Candyland - Bird Roughs Cassette
Verse En Coma - Rialto 10" + CD
Wasted Time - And So It Goes LP

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