Thursday, July 15, 2010

In this update we have the new Ultra Dolphins record, the last Brainworms shirts, our new release schedule and more!

We have been holding off on officially announcing the arrival of Ultra Dolphins Alien Baby but now today we are stoked to say it is out! If you want to skip all the gibber jabber you can go straight to our online store, you can also order the record off Itunes, and the cd is available from Exotic Fever. If you are a retailer Ebullition, No Idea, ILC and many more distributors to come all have the record or will be receiving it very soon. You can also order the record straight through us. If you have ordered this record and it hasn't come in please check to see the status of it everything has gone out from us.

Ultra Dolphins
Alien Baby

Pressing Info
400 Black
200 Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Years in the making Ultra Dolphins Alien Baby is finally seeing the light of the day. Recorded throughout 2009 by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage, Alien Baby is 9 sweet new Ultra Dolphins tracks. If you are unfamiliar with Ultra Dolphins, they have been playing around Virginia for almost a decade now, playing a unique style of tunes that could be pin pointed as post hardcore, but stands alone as its own entity. Art was done by the bands long term friend Travis Robertson, and all print was done locally in Richmond. The band last released Mar on Robotic Empire in 2006 and this is their first new material since.

Also we are going to keep the order package of Field Day/Ultra Dolphins!
You can check out songs from Alien Baby here

Brainworms T-Shirts

If you have ever wanted a Brainworms shirt now is the time to get one, the band gave us all the left over shirts they had in whatever designs were around. Check out here for all sizes and shirt designs, please read carefully because some shirts are different colors than the shit picture. Brainworms will be playing their last show August 21st, at Hadads Lake for Best Friends Day.

The Two Funerals to release Boy's Club 7"

We are stoked to announce that we will be releasing Richmond's The Two Funeral's new 7", called "boys' club". Dominique Montgomery and Shannon Le Corre, longtime members, will be joined by Kyler O'Brien(Field Day,Flechette) on bass. The band will be recording soon for the record and it will be out late fall/early winter.

The band started in Blacksburg in 2004, with original members Shannon, Dom and Abby, while in high school. Since their inception, the band has written tight, catchy punk songs that are unafraid to be feminist, political and personal. Their last 7", Tell Yr Story, was released in 2008 on Cottage Records, and will be contributing a track to the Women in Punk Rock Comp on Paper+Plastick later this year.

Check them out here

New Release Update

Worn in Red/Mouthbreather-Split 7"
Worn in Red just recorded in Johnson City, TN, and Mouthbreather is in the process of recording at Planet Red as we write this. Look for MP3s soon and OktoberFEST release. If you don't know these awesome Virginia bands Mouthbreather just dropped a 10" on Adagio and a 7" with EYC with us! Worn in Red just released one of the most bad ass record on No Idea as of late last fall!

Worn in Red

Amateur Party-New LP
We have the recording in our hands and it rules! Hopefully this guys will be out by OktoberFEST! Amateur Party features non amateurs playing pop punk with a chiller edge? The band features folks from Armalite, Off Minor, Kill the Man that Questions, and more. They last released a 7" on Paramensia that was easily one of my favorite records of last year. These dudes will be making an appearance at Best Friends Day here at homebase at the Sunday show.

Check them out here

Ultra Dolphins-Old Bits

Old Ultra Dolphins recording reissued! This jammer will go into production sometime in the fall

Best Friends Day
Other than being a funeral for us this year, Best Friends Day is looking to be killer Propagandi, Negative Approach, Municipal Waste, Banner Pilot, Algernon Cadawallder, Government Warning and many more will be playing. Check it out here

There have been some items in the distro but not a big of enough to list to update, browse through though we will be adding lots of items for the rest of the summer.

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