Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Records have arrived

After months of delays, problems and every possible thing that could go wrong, go wrong, we have the finished product(s) of our two newest releases plus 2 brand new represses of some older records. If you want to skip the bullshit and score this stuff click here

First off we are super stoked to announce that our next vinyl release will be a new album by Richmond's Ultra Dolphins. The band released it's debut record Mar a year and a half ago on and this will be their first new material since then. The dudes have gone into the studio with Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage in Philly and should be finishing up later this month so expect news on this in the coming months. Expect this guy to be out sometime later summer to early fall with the cd version being released by Exotic Fever. Also in the works is a LP discography containing all the early works of a certain Richmond band we love. And a split between 2 bands from the east coast and a split with our friends from another label which will rule.

Brainworms II: Swear to Me - LP

After numerous splits, compilations, and tapes Brainworms have created their first full studio album Brainworms II: Swear To Me. Comprised of 10 tracks recorded by Steve Roche (Pink Razors, Off Minor, Armalite,ect.) last fall. Catchy yet still keeping it integrity in the vein of bands such as Rites of Spring/Embrace, Assfactor 4, and more Swear to Me proves to be the bands best effort yet . For those not familiar with the band these guys have spent time in bands such as Stop It, Snacktruck, and Landmines and this is the 2nd record to feature new guitarist Josh Small. The layout of this record was crafted out of clay by Drew Liverman, who designed Brainworms' previous LP Which is Worse. At this time it is available on vinyl in our store or Itunes

The Pressing info is as follows
400 on Blue
200 on Black

Mouthbreather/Environmental Youth Crunch - Split 7"

Florida and Richmond Round 2, this time we have paired Richmond's Mouthbreather and Florida's Environmental Youth Crunch for one of our best splits yet. Spread out in the Northern part of Florida and sharing members with Tubers and Alligator, EYC have managed to drop 3 solid tracks of punk rock that lies somewhere in between traditional pop punk bands and Plan-It-X South bands. On the flipside Mouthbreather debut their first 2 new tracks since last years Thank You For Your Patience. These gentlemen were born from Wow Owls and The Set Up and play a form of hardcore similar to late 80's Dischord and Hot Snakes. This record was beautifully illustrated by Tyler Thomas and includes a digital download.

The Pressing info is as follows these came out in pretty wild colors:
199 Black
178 Orange
98 White
20 Brown
2 Cream Swirl
1 Grey

Ror-04 Pink Razors - First Degree 7"
Ror-06 Brainworms/The Catalyst - Split 7"
Alas we have what might be the final pressings of both of these records. Pink Razors is on Yellow this time matching nice with the artwork, these copies are limited to 150. Brainworms/The Catalyst is on a translucent Purple and is limited to 197 copies. I'm about 90% sure once these records are gone both are will be gone for good.

We also finally have everything up in our distro that has been in our hands for quite some time now.

A Flower Kollapsed - Brown Recluse 10 inch
Algernon Cadawaller - Demo 7"
Amateur Party - Public Utility Complaint 7" Blue Vinyl
Ampere/Ringers - Split Greyish Blue 7"
Attitude Problem - S/T LP
Cassette - S/T CD
Capsule - Blue LP+CD
Civic Progress - Petroleum Man 7"
Defiance Ohio - The Great Depression LP
The Ergs/Grabass Charlestons - Split 7" Brown Vinyl
Erin Tobey - S/T CD
Future Virgins/Nervous Dogs - Tape
Ghastly City Sleep - Smore Vinyl LP
Government Waring - No Way Out E.P. 7"
Government Warning - Arrested Ep 7"
Hot Water Music Fuel for the Hate Game - LP Purple Vinyl
Jammy Dodgers - Fish and Chips 7" Blue Purple
Kid Crash/Latitetam - Split 7"
La Quiete - S/T 7"
Lemuria - The First Collection Cd
Mermaid Skeletons - Darlings EP
Mehkago N.T. - S/T LP
Monument - 3 song 7"
No BS Brass Band - Alive in Richmond CD
Northern Liberties - Errode and Dissaper
Off With Their Heads/Dear Landlord - Split 7" Pale Blue Vinyl
Old Growth - S/T CD
Pyramids/Violent Breakfest - Split 10"
Psyched to Die - Sterile Walls 7"
Rapider Than Horse Power Mae Shi - Split LP
Religious as Fuck - S/T 7"
Religious as Fuck/Mehkago N.T. - Split Brown 7"
Sinaloa/Catena Collapse - Split 7"
Solid Pony - Collar to Cuff LP
Solid Pony - Life's Gonna Eat Us LP
Solid Pony - Collar to Cuff CD
Solid Pony - Life's Gonna Eat Us CD
Sweat Lodge - Demo Tape
Torche - S/T Autumn Vinyl
Torche - Meanderthal Rockslide Vinyl
12 Hour Turn - Perfect Progress Euro
12 Hour Turn/I Hate Myself - Split LP
Ultra Dolphins - Why Are you Laugh LP Highlighter Vinyl
Various Artist - Small Pool Records 4 Way Split Vol 1 LP

Next Up:
Brainworms II: Swear to Me CD
Snacktruck Spacial Findings CD

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