Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh Snap Something Relavant

Two things of interest.

1.We have added a new Snacktruck song entitled Life Prism from the upcoming cd version of Spacial Findings. The cd versions will feature the 4 songs from the 7" plus 3 additional songs recorded at the same time plus a bad ass remix. The record should be available on Itunes in the next couple of weeks and finally on cd this summer. Check it out here.

2.Brainworms II Swear to Me on CD is now in production. These guys will be out just in time for the bands upcoming European Tour with Antlers. The record is already available on Itunes and LP. For more info on Brainworms click here

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  1. use this blog to post mp3s so we don't have to listen on shitty myspace player