Thursday, June 25, 2009

The First Rorschach Shirt

In discussions of tight stuff, the idea was brought upon of a giant centipede destroying Richmond landmarks by our buddy Barf Callahan. Barf had never drawn a centipede and it seemed like the perfect animal for him to create. Deciding what to use this for was the problem would it be a 7-inch cover, a poster, ad, ect. In the 3 years of being a label people have always asked why don't you make T-Shirts. Well here you go the first Rorschach T-Shirts and since it is our 3 year Birthday in July we will be giving 5 of these out to the first 5 People to name 10 out of the 11 Richmond Landmarks in the shirt. The first one who can find all 11 Landmarks will get a copy of every record we have put out that is still in stock! Please email all answer to

Also on a side note on a note we are super stoked to announce that one of our previously vinyl only releases is now available on Itunes. The Catalyst/Brainworms split 7" is now on Itunes. This has been one of our favorite releases to date and very few of these records are left. Check it out

Next Up On Itunes:
Mouthbreather/Environmental Youth Crunch-Split
Pink Razors-First Degree

Next up in reality

Ror-14 Snacktruck Spacial Findings Cd
Ror-13 Ultra Dolphins Yet to Be Titled LP
Ror-15 Field Day 7"

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