Friday, July 17, 2009

The Status of Things

It's been a couple of months since we have had something worthy or a hefty update and here it is. We have a new repress of a Brainworms record. News on upcoming releases, new distro additions and more stuff. Be sure to also check out our facebook. That is being updated more frequently and becoming more relevant.

First Up:

We have a Brand New Pressing of the Brainworms Tubers Split in our store. This duder is available on white vinyl limited to 400 copies!

Here is what we said about it last year-
Saint Augustine, Florida in the summertime can be a magical place. A weekend spent there can create twenty years good memories hanging out in the hot Floridian sun with your friends. One moment you're hanging out at your friend's lake house drinking beers doing relay races and in a snapshot, you're playing volleyball cockfighting style on a tarp wet, slippery from dish detergent. For the working man, the summer season is over. Somewhere deep within the northern woods, a trail crew is wrapping up its season with a final all night from dusk 'til dawn rager. Multiple handles of Jack are consumed; PBR freely flow out of cans into mouths, hair, and the ground. People exploit tiki-torches to spit fire igniting a gasoline-soaked chair nestled in the middle of a yet to be started bonfire. Young men and women with shaved mohawks are burning things they don't need anymore like clothing, equipment, and/or facial hair. This is one of those parties where drunk people with an acute attraction for wrestling and making a lot of noise get sweaty with pick axes. Young people are getting weird in the woods and not thinking about tomorrow. As the summer fades to fall, Brainworms sets up to be the houseband. The underground railroad from St. Augustine to Richmond, VA finally comes to listeners in the form of Tuber's split with the almighty Brainworms. Having years of friendship and numerous 12 hour drives built up over time, it only seems natural to have these two bands come together to commemorate friendship and make peace with alligators, whatever that means." --Jeff Beyers

You can score copies of this on White Vinyl from Rorschach and Bakery Outlet!!!

Secondly some news on upcoming releases

The Snacktruck Spacial Findings 1-7 CD should be available come Best Friends Day. This will probably be one of the last CDs we do for awhile but feel that this record is so good in its entirety that it is totally worth putting on cd. There record is already available on Itunes, if you haven't checked out Snacktruck out, visit them here

Ultra Dolphins have finished their new full length with Steve Roche(Brainworms, Pink Razors, The Catalyst, every Richmond band, ect.) This record should be getting mastered in the next couple weeks and we will drop a track around then! Expect this on LP sometime this fall, Exotic Fever will be handling the CD version.

Field DayThis band Fucking Rules! One of the best new bands in Richmond as of late we liked them so much that a 7" is in the works, regardless if you have heard of them or not. They will be going up North to play a few dates next month and record with Steve Roche. Expect some version of this 7" out by the Fest. If you like Snacktruck, Brainworms, and Antlers, Field Day falls right in the middle of all of those bands, check them out here!

Also you can expect new pressing of the Mouthbreather/EYC split and Brainworms II: Swear to Me LP by the end of the year.

Keeping up with the digital age we have started to put our entire catalog on Itunes, Amazon, Emusic, ect. At the current moment you can score the following releases:

Snacktruck - Spacial Findings 1-7
Brainworms II: Swear to Me
Mouthbreather/Environmental Youth Crunch Split
Antlers S/T
Brainworms/The Catalyst Split

Expect at least one more release to be uploaded each month.

Lastly check out new stuff in the distro:

Armalite - S/T Blue Grey Vinyl LP
A Storm of Light/Nadja -Primitive North 2 x LP Aurora Forge Vinyl
Banner Pilot - Resignation Day LP Copper Vinyl
Des Ark - Loose Lips Sink Ships LP
Dillinger Four - This Shit is Genius LP White Vinyl
Friendly Fire/Tenement -Split 7"
Ghastly City Sleep - S/T CD
Ghastly City Sleep - S/T LP Smore Vinyl
Holy Moutain - Entrails LP Grey Viny
Hot Water Music - Forever and Counting LP Pale Grey Vinyl
Kayo Dot - Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue 2 x LP
Jesu/Battle of Mice - Split LP Orange/Clear
Landlord - Lifers CD
Lord By Fire - S/T 7inch
Max Levine Ensemble - Ok Smarty Pants LP Purple Vinyl
Nervous Dogs - Great Doors 7"
No System - Dead Bands Tell No Tales 7"
Pink Razors - Waiting to Wash Up CD
Propagandhi - Supporting Caste 2 x LP
Pygmy Lush - Bitter River LP Orange Vinyl
Pygmy Lush - Mt Hope Cd
Pygmy Lush/Turboslut - Split LP Purple Vinyl
Razorcake 49
Razorcake 50
Revolutionary Youth - Bleed/Decay LP Midnight Blue Black
Small Brown Bike - Our Own Wars LP Purple Vinyl
Social Cirkle - I've Got Afflictions 7"
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - Front Seat Solidarity LP Grey mix
Torche - Meanderthal LP Tapwather Vinyl
Tubers - Shell Out LP
Ultra Dolphins - Why are you Laugh CD
Ultra Dolphins - Mar LP Gold Vinyl
Worn in Red/Bernard - Split 7"

See Ya' At Best Friends Day!!!!

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